One year old

One year ago our Olivia was born. It’s hard to believe that she was so small when I’m looking at her now. She already measures 75cm and weighs nearly 9.3kg. She always smiles and gives us hugs and kisses. Every morning, she gets up at six, we take her to our bed so I can breastfeed her, then she gives us a kiss, sits down, shows “done” with her hands and then points her finger at the door and says “ta” which means wake up, we’re going to play. She can stand up anywhere and doesn’t need any support. She is able to do one or two small steps and she can crawl down the stairs quite reliably. She enjoys playing chase and hide and seek game. She can browse the books long time and she likes inserting blocks of various shapes into the corresponding holes, although she doesn’t manage to insert all of them yet. When she hears music she dances and when there is no music she wants to turn it on. She tries to feed herself with a spoon and sometimes quite successfully. And lately, she loves meat, then everything else goes aside.