I started going to the nursery with Olivia two weeks ago and I’m still excited about this place and the people working there. They follow Montessori principles, children are in the group regardless of age (so they are like siblings, the bigger ones have to be careful not to hurt the smaller ones who are watching them with an open mouth) and can move freely in the building visiting other children. They sing a lot also accompanied with a guitar and they have a song for the end of the game when they need to tidy up all the toys. The first four days, we were together all the time (about an hour). Olivia was getting to know the environment, children and nursery careers (there are two of them for 6-8 children). Every day she was bolder and watched everything around. And she felt in love with the bathroom, happily running around small basins in her height observing everyone as washing or going to the toilet. The following three days, we tried separation for 5-10 minutes. She managed it quite well, she was only angry that I’m not there. But at least she understood the principle that when I leave she can play and then I come and we’re going home. I like they insist that leaving must be conscious. Children who there are already longer close the door after their parents and run to play. Next days we added the common singing, snack time and prolonged the time without me. Today I spent with her the first ten minutes and then I picked her up after an hour. She was laughing, busy with a book an a car in her hands. When I say we’re going home, she runs to me, waves to everyone and points at the door.