There she grows again

I’ve already been working for two weeks and it’s quite a nice change. Time with my colleagues flies away so fast in the morning and in the afternoon I enjoy Olivia and I try to concentrate only on her. In the morning she runs to children in her class laughing. Currently, she takes great delight in building towers from Lego building blocks, she likes reading books and last time I found her with a TV control in her hand pretending to be on the phone. She noticed all the slides outside and she likes sliding along her belly. And she is interested in all the gates, changing surface of the sidewalk and what is happening arround her, so we’re not able to walk very far yet. She learned to blow into flowering dandelions and she blows on every meal on a plate to cool it down. In the kitchen, she shows on the radio when she wants me to turn it on or she shows on a guitar, so we play it. And with a particular pleasure, she sits down everywhere. She prefers sitting on the bottom step in the living room, but she often carries a pillow and try to sit down on it or she sits on a stool in the hallway. In recent days, she climbs on our bed running around and jumps on it and it makes her happy when I’m chasing her saying bang every time she falls down on the duvet.