This year, we survived the Easter holiday :) I was cold (I don’t remember when I was so sick last time) and for Olivia it was too muchgoing on with too many people and after a week she wanted to go home. But she often sings “hej hou hej hou” because that’s whather grandfather and grandma sing and after a couple of days spent with them she can go down a slide forwards by herself. She paintedthree easter eggs before the holiday. Two of them, more colourful ones, I took her too early as in her opinion they weren’t finishedyet. She allowed me to take the third one when she mixed thoroughly all the four colors she had with the paint brush and paintedthe whole egg. On Easter Monday, she liked a handmade whip from her grandfather and saying “sibi sibi” she whipped everythingaround her.

Olivia has two new teeth and she did another developmental milestone. She found out that she can do things by herself and she alsocan decide alone, possibly saying someone how to do something (e.g. to make daddy get up in the morning, to show him where to sitand what to dress :)) Two days we had a little problem to come to the nursery on time ending up with discussions about gettingdressed etc. When I did something instead of her it went only with crying and once we ended up in the nursery in socks while shewas holding the shoes and squealing. On Saturday we let her arrange her morning as she wanted. She woke up at seven, but when Icame to her she sent me away from her room. Finally, she got up at ten satisfied, she took her sleeping bag off, got dressed andwent into a kitchen for a breakfast. On Sunday, she got up normally and started sleeping with a duvet instead of sleeping bag (Ithought it can’t be worse so it’s worth trying). That probably meant more confidence for her, because on Monday morning she gotup laughing and happy and she also went to the toilet. So we only encourage her, praise for all the positive she does andobserve her. It’s difficult to estimate what is going on in her head and how her perception of the surrounding world has changed thistime, but it’s amazing to watch her how she puts the socks on her feet, how she looks when she thinks hard about something and Ionly laugh when I bring her hairpins from the desk and she says no taking them back and picking them up by herself (she also mustthrow the laundry into the laundry basket alone, she brings me a handkerchief to wipe her nose when it’s running and sometimesshe deliberately does something when I would say no, but before I can say anything she shakes her head saying no and does what Iexpect).