Olivia likes the postman or better to say she realized that the cool stuff can be delivered per mail. First, she got a duvet with a pillow (I think I give them to her this weekend), then nice bedding sets with pictures of teddy bears and owls were delivered and finally, she was waiting the whole weekend for Monday, when the postman brought her a bed. Now when the door bell rings, she runs to the door and says mail is here. She helped to build the bed and then she tested its stability by jumping on the mattress. The bed survived, I think there is satisfaction on both sides and her room still smells of pine wood. The first night, she rotated her body like a clock while sleeping and I had to stay in her room for a while, but now she sleeps great, we just need to cover her with a duvet occasionally. On the next day, we put the drawers under her bed and she moved in one of them all of her books enthusiastically. Olivia shortens long words and she says only the first and the last syllable and so she says poka for a bed, prako for a piglet and kuca for a corn. I don’t understand only if she says something out of the context or she says some German word that sounds like a completely different Slovak word. Then I begin to guess what it means and the comic situations full of laughter occur ending with Olivia’s beaming face when the mom finally understands.