Two of them

Time flies and you can’t do anything about it. Olivia has already learned it too. Only with Dominik, I feel like

it flies at least twice as fast. Our “little” one is 8.5 kilos and about 66 cm big and he looks like 6 months old children, he only doesn’t move so much. We started going to the gym with Olivia again. She enjoys a trampoline and climbing on a bench the most. One trampoline is also on the playground near the nursery. She also likes to ride her bounce bike down the artificially created hills there . And last weekend we jumped together on a trampoline in Aßling. There is a big playground with many activities right next to a little railway station where you can take ride on steam trains.

After the holidays, the swimming pool is opened again. We swim now with Dominik and it has very positive influence on Olivia. When Dominik demonstrate what we are going to do in the water (jumping, swimming on his back …) she is to my great joy more than willing to do it as well.

Olivia loves to bath and dress Dominik and she brestfeeds her doll and the teddy bear :) And Dominik always smiles, follows her with his eyes and he tries to talk a lot. In the nursery, all the children are interested in Dominik and Olivia is very proud of him and she enjoys saying everyone that it is her brother and explaining that they only can stroke him very gently.