3 years old

Olivia is already a big girl and she’s going to school. In the morning, she’ll play there and she’ll learn to write, because she can already read and in the afternoon mommy picks her up. She keeps saying everyone that she is three years old and she shows on her fingers how much it is. We celebrated twice; once privately with a creamy berry cake and an easel and once with Olivia’s four friends (2.5 to 3.5 years old), three babies (Dominik was the oldest one) and four mothers. Andrej did a great job as a nursery worker in the attic by the slide :). Olivia was extremelly satisfied and she asked me several times if I were sure that she couldn’t celebrate the next birthday earlier than in one year. She loves painting (recently mainly pinguins), she cooks for us everyday, she makes cakes and coffee and serves it all on the table and she tidies the snow (that still falls down) up enthusiastically. And we watch Dominik together how he tries to stand on his feet.