In movement

Dominik is in that wonderful age when everything fascinates him and when he sees something new

(i.e. the cows in the stable) he is able to watch it intently with a wide-open mouth. He also points his finger at everything, he likes playing with a ball (he tries to throw it over himself stretching his arms out or he rolls it enthusiastically through a Lego tunnel), he spents a lot of time in Olivia’s kitchen and he is fascinated by everything that does something i.e. he enjoys opening and closing the door. He started using sign language when he is done with something and he claps his hands with great joy. Dominik is now four-on-the-floor crawler, he uses belly crawling only occasionally and he is such a cuddly kitten. And when he holds something interesting like a pencil he is able to stand alone for a few moments.

We go to the gym with Olivia and she started dancing as well what makes her very happy and she can do a nice somersault. She asks every day when she finally can go to the kindergarten and she likes to go shopping. She always pick up something new in the shop and brings me home, so I can cook something from it (last time I got an eggplant). She is very talkative, she always reads or sings something and she likes to go to the library.