Birds and ladybugs

A new school year started and Olivia finally became a kindergarten kid. Although she long longed for this moment, it took her a while to get used to a greater number of children and related noise, but now she is going to the kindergarten with enthusiasm, she brings home lots of drawings every day and she tells us what everything they did there. She also likes the music education they have. She is in a ladybug group and her partner kid is a pre-school child Felicia. Olivia is absolutely thrilled about her and she watched everything Felicia does.

Dominik started in the nursery in a group of birds. He is excited about singing accompanied by movements of his hands and fingers. He likes going to the gym, walking and playing with all the cool toys they have there. The only thing he doesn’t like is when I wave him in the morning and go away. He always has an unhappy expression on his face, but when I close the door, he is quiet and satisfied.