When there is a lot of snow

We planned to go somewhere for the winter holidays, but it snowed so much that we changed our minds. We are every day in our garden playing with shovels or sledding on the nearby hill. And I started introducing Olivia to skiing. First, in the garden just to learn balance on her own and then on the nearby slopes, but they seemed to be too steep. Then my friend recommended me a small ski resort for children. We were there twice and Olivia was very excited and wanted to ski again and also explained Dominik how to ski. She watches everything what other kids did in the ski school there and she tried to do it as well. For the second time, the magic carpet was already too slow and she had no more fear to drive a rope tow ski lift and she skied through gates. Dominik was excited about the gates as well and every time he run through them he screamed that he wants to run once more time and then he stood on a ski slope in a slight squat position with the hands on his knees and he questioningly looked at me if he skis right :)