In common and different

They are really different, but one thing they have in common, each pursues their own interests and follows them. Olivia is like a manager and her assertiveness has no boundaries. When I want to pick her up from the kindergarten, she first goes to all teachers to say goodbye with a handshake (I do not know where does it come from). The best is when we are talking about how to do something, she listens to everything and then she says, “You know what we do it this way …”. She surprises me every day with her drawings and she also gives something to Dominik and he carries it proudly home. Dominik says goodbye in the nursery by waving to each nursery career and then he waits for the answer and from time to time he sends them a kiss with his hand. They all love him for that. When he is immersed in some activity it is very difficult to distract his attention and to make his dissatisfaction clear he likes throwing himself on the floor. And they both, when focused on something, do not see and hear anything else. Dominik is fascinated by tractors, excavators, is interested in the way things work, and when he sees animals, he wants to catch them and find out what they really are like. Olivia is also concerned with all this, but she observes characteristics, relationships and behavior. Taking her into gym full of people means that it does not make any sense to talk to her for a few minutes - she will scratch her belly button and watch everything what is happening there.