Last events

Our Easter was one very enjoyable extended weekend full of trips. Only weather could have been warmer and less rainy. However, we visited the Wildpark in Poing and we palyed on the playgrounds. A week later, Olivia was still talking about Ivka and how she loves her and she asked when we would visit her again.

This year we joined a local tradition and were looking for Easter eggs. “Mami, the easter bunny was here” was the reaction when she found the cooked eggs in the flower pots and the garden hidden by the grandparents. Dominik did not understand what was happening, but, according to Olivia’s instructions, he picked up the basket and searched for the eggs as well. The joy was great, it didn’t matter that it was only 5 degrees outside. And after collecting all of them, they began to eat them as if nothing more delicious in the world would exist.

Do not tell me what to do - an excellent phase that Olivia has right now. I see her going out from the toilet (the hands not washed, the door opened) and I tell her to wash her hands, she is angry because I always keep telling her what she should do. When I let her to come to the table and to sit again and then I ask, “Olivia, where have you been?” “I’ll ask her to look in that direction. “What do you think I want from you?” Olivia says with a smile on her face that the door should be closed and she is going to do it. With dressing up it’s the same. When I want them both to do something (go eat, get in the car, go inside…), she persuades also Dominik to do something completely different. It is easier to agree on something with the wall. I wish I could always be calm and response wisely with the smile on my face.

Teeth - Dominik has three new teeth and I did not sleep very well again. He still misses nine.

Mama phase by Dominik - One week he had a crisis to go to a playroom in the nursery, even though he used to run in before forgetting to wave me all the time. He wanted to hold my hand in the evening to fall sleep. When he has an opportunity to cuddle he comes to me and give me a kiss.

When they want, they can play excellent together and invent anything.