Full December

In December, there was always a lot going on. I think that the first starting event was on Saint Martin’s day in November, when the gingerbread goats are used to be baked and the children are looking forward to lantern procession in the evening. Afterwards at home, we were still listening to the Saint Martin’s songs untill the new ones about Saint Nicholas came. In the meantime, the children began to open an Advent calendar and they also kept getting the small sweet surprises on all the courses. In the kindergarten, Saint Nicholas brought a litte snow sled for everyone. In the nursery, it was an event for the whole family, so that the little ones were not afraid of the big bearded man. Saint Nicholas gave a little bag to every child and he said him what he heard about him. In Dominik’s case it was something like: “Oh it’s you who is always up to something with Julian” (a friend from the nursery). We also took part in coloring the paper boots for Saint Nicholas in the local grocery shop. Later on the 6th of December, we could pick them up filled with fruit. Then there was the Christmas singing from the Kindergarten on the town square. When the weather was nice, we went to ride the bicycles, otherwise we baked the cakes in the shape of tractors and unicorns, we built a playhouse from our couch or we did some crafts. Olivia painted bowls for herself and Dominik. There are many tractors and trains on the Dominik’s one what makes him very happy. Before Christmas, we made some wooden Christmas decorations and we established a tradition with a fat Christmas imp, who rewarded everyone, who sang for him, with a litte cookie. Dominik was excited the most, not because of the cookies, but because he could still sing what he really enjoy now.