Dominik is two and half

Dominik like singing. In the car, I always turn on a song he wishes and then he sings all the way home. Currently, he prefers to eat pasta in any form and corn. It’s similar to the time when he wanted to eat only bread or yogurt whole the week. Now he takes pasta from the fridge even for breakfast.

Unlike Olivia, he first does something and then he thinks about the consequences. Last time, he jumped of the couch on his head, while playing the tractor that just fell into the creek. While I was chilling the bruise on his head, he agreed that it wasn’t a good idea. His love for the excavators tractors, harvesters and generally all the machines on the wheels still persists. In his vocabulary he has words like a plough, a grapple, a haymaker… and the best of all is that he knows the meaning of these words and he likes to explain them. He likes to “call” grandpa. Last time in a bathroom, with a calculator on his ear, he was calling:“Hi, we have a harvester and a tractor with a plough, and (he looked around him) a soap, a towel aaaaaand the tractor.”

With Olivia, he started jumping into the water. He does not mind when he is all wet, he is also fine under the shower, but he hates when I want him to shampoo his hair. He likes drawing (preferable tractor) and painting (much like Olivia at his age, the best with a black color). He is very receptive and sensitive to what you tell him. He can be really angry, when something goes differently than he wants. He usually beats everyone around him, what he also regrets immediately and then he is angry with himself. In that case, he needs a hug, a lot of understanding, and lots of kisses. He can dress and undress himself, he can also put on his shoes, but only when he wants. Mostly he looks at me with his big eyes and says:“I cannot, mama does it.” And when I’m angry because of something, he gives me a quick kiss and tells me that he loves me.

Some more photos taken by Dominik.