Olivia is 5 years old

Olivia is 5 years old. She started celebrating with her grandparents in the morning and in the afternoon, she enjoyed the chocolate birthday cake with her friend. On the next day, she successfuly finished her swim course. I have already sewed a little sea horse on her swimsuit. On the last lesson, the children swam in their pyjamas to find out what it is like to swim in the clothes. Olivia did it perfectly well to my pleasure.

She also started with a ski course at the kindergarden. The first week was very cold, but otherwise the weather was nice with enough snow for skiing. Only the last day the snow was melting, but the kids didn’t mind and finished the course with the final races. All were “first”, they got the medals and awards and they enjoyed skiing.

Olivia still likes watching people around, analyzing and having a lot of questions. She is fasicnated by the rainbow and she draws it everywhere, so I helped her to make a big one in the living room.