New in May

Firstly, we celebrated a May festival in the nursery. Chidlren helped to prepare and paint a maypole and they learned a new song. Then, on the day of the celebration, the maypole was errected, the children garnished gingerbread hearts, made a picnic in the garden and played.

We made also a trip to the zoo in Munich. We only dressed lightly because of the warm weather and our memories of concrete surfaces without any shade in another zoo and we set off in the morning. We travelled with S-Bahn and U-Bahn, what Dominik has been very enthusiastic about. This zoo was really a very beautiful park full of trees, where we had to look for sunny places to get warm, with integrated enclosures for animals. Dominik could not stop watching the sharks in a big aquarium and they both looked excitedly at the ice bear. Finally, they stroke the goats and we bought a large picture book in which the entire park is shown.

Additionally, we were riding the little trains in Aßling (this time also Olivia and Dominik only), kids were riding on the pony and cycling and scootering as much as they could.