Dominik is 3 years old

Dominik is already three years old. When we congratulated him in the morning, he only frowned at us. He accepted the fact that he has his birthday first with a cake in the afternoon. But on the next day, he celebrated proudly and enthusiastically with his friends in the nursery. Two months ago he started to ride a bicycle. He cannot start riding by himself, but then he rides great and Olivia is happy as well, because we can finally ride together at about the same speed.

He was already in the kindergarden once. He enthusiastically brought his rucksack, examined all the tractors there, and the rest of the time he spent playing in a sand pit with an excavator. He talks a lot, he likes to explain everything and currently, he is unhappy when Olivia does not listen to him. He calls her again and again and when she finally answers with a sigh: “Yes, Dominik”, he cheerfully speaks further. He likes guitar and piano. He plays football and likes bouldering. He is always willing to help in the kitchen and taste everything.