Olivia is six years old

Olivia is already six. I wonder when she grew up so fast, not to mention that she is going to school in September. Compared to the previous year, she is somehow more sensible and we can talk to her at a different level. It’s also fun to observe what conversation techniques/tricks she uses while talking to Dominik, even better when she wants something from him. When she was five, she learned to swim and until last December it really seemed like she wuoldn’t improve anything. But then she suddenly began to dive and wished to learn to swim crawl. So now she is learning that and she can already swim backstroke nicely. Two weeks ago she learned how to whistle, because she was angry that her good friend can whistle and she couldn’t. She enjoys skiing and it’s fun to go skiing with her, she is just really fast now. Sometimes, she likes counting and when she is in mood, she can read a lot (except some special letters). Well, and she still loves crafting, painting and she is very curious.