Olivia will be a schoolgirl

Olivia will be a schoolgirl. I thought that we would buy a school bag at some point in the summer, but in February, there were flyers related to sale offers for school bags with expert advices everywhere and all the mums in the kindergarten held discussions about who had already bought a bag and where. Olivia was quite immune to it until last week, but then it somehow overwhelmed her. She said they would have a day in the kindergarten when they could show up with a school bag, and she wished her own bag. In the store, Dominik liked the one with a tractor the most. There wasn’t a bag in Olivia’s desired color, so I eventually ordered it online. But at least we tried one of the same type, how it suits and if it’s for Olivia easy enough to open and close it. And then we were waiting three long days when Olivia was counting how many times she had to sleep till the bag would come.