Dominik on skis

Last year Dominik was doing quite well, which roughly means that he managed to slow down and make small arches on the slope in the children’s area. Olivia learned to ski with the ski poles and she was skiing great, what we were really happy about. This year, Dominik could also join the ski course in Ostin organized by kindergarten. But there was not so much snow, so they were only in the children’s area all the time. Every day, he dreamed of ski poles and skiing on the big slope, where Olivia was the year before. But he gained amazing confidence on the ski lift and learned to stop superbly. We came to see his final race and then took him to the big slope over the weekend in Zahmer Keiser. Stubbornly, he wanted his ski poles, so we finally said that he must take his skis and poles from the parking lot to the ski lift alone when he wants to use them and he did it. And then he used them all the time. He said he learned from Olivia how to use them. And from the other skiers, he learned to move his hips from side to side, which looked very funny. He enthusiastically skied about 6 km, then he replenished his energy with spaghetti and he slept all the way home.