Olivia is seven

Olivia celebrated her seventh birthday. Firstly, children sang her a birthday song on a pony riding course, then she got a special birthday drink in a restaurant and after holidays she celebrated with her friends at home. After a birthday cake, they searched for a treasure together, they made keychains and ended the celebration with pizza. For school, we prepared muffins and decorated them together.

She still likes climbing and swimming. She even got a youth swimming silver badge, so she should reliably swim 400m. It’s hard to believe what she already can. I need to find time to swim with her again. She likes crafting things and painting, sometimes she is in her room for a few hours and then comes out excited about what she just created. She likes school, the only thing she should improve after six months review is to speak louder. And when she is in good mood, she plays piano nicely.