Still at home

We have been home due to Corona virus for five weeks. We went through a phase of enthusiasm but also a phase of why I have to do homework and Dominik doesn’t have to. Working and doing all the school tasks at the same time is still a challenge. It was good that there was a two-week holiday break and some time off in the meantime. Somehow, I feel like I’m not properly at work nor with children. With headphones in my ears and my mind in a meeting, I’m cooking, walking with children or checking school tasks. But when I have time off or at least I’m not in meetings it’s great. Then we read, craft, experiment and bake a lot, or we cycle in the near forest and we feel good together.

It looks like schools are not going to be opened so soon at least the elementary ones, so we are waiting for a new study plan. Last time we also received great videos created by Olivia’s teacher, in which she explained new terms and everything needed. In addition to the exercises in books and workbooks, it was necessary to print another stack of papers with tasks. Later, a virtual class in Anton application was created with another highly recommended tasks. Olivia has completed them only now. In addition, we were practicing playing a piano and sending videos to the piano teacher to get feedback if we are doing well. I also received an email from the kindergarden every day (not to get bored :)) with recipes for cakes, coloring papers, preschool tasks, poems, songs and experiments. All really amazing things, just to find that time for them. It would be the best to work in the afternoon, when they are playing in the garden or in the evening, then to plan some hours to sleep and it will be great.