A little bit of school

Olivia goes to school this week. So I dusted off my sewing machine and sewed some children mouth masks. Somehow, time is changing, it is no longer “I have to go to school again” but rather “Hooray I can go to school!”. Half of the class had a school last week, half now and only three school hours per day, but it is so much better than nothing. They don’t have time to do everything, they have to do the rest at home, but Olivia somehow doesn’t mind at all and does everything without complaining. They both get up extra early in the morning to play for an hour together and to have breakfast. Then in the morning, Dominik can play a long time alone. He just currently talks so much and ask so many questions. On the one hand, we are really very happy, on the other hand, it is quite exhausting to focus on everything he says. I think it would be great if he could go to kindergarten for at least a few hours.

For the last few weeks we have been getting to know meadow flowers and insects. We also watched snails and for a few days they had been with us as pets and for children it was difficult to say goodbye to them. We contributed with some painted stones to the snake in front of the kindergarden. We made a trip on bicycles to eat some ice cream. We walked in the rain. We baked rolls and muffins. Sometimes some of Olivia’s friends show up here. Basically, there is still something to do, but a trip somewhere further would be nice.