Dominik is five

Dominik grows and grows. He talks non-stop from morning till evening. He knows everything the best and he is able to explain how the things work although he has no clue. He is still such a cuddle bear, he likes hugging and kissing but on other hand he can be very unapproachable and stubborn and won’t do anything what someone else wants. He wanted a skateboard a lot for his birthday. I don’t know who he saw riding it, I really thought that he wouldn’t be able to stand on it. And even though he was angry and pissed of when something went wrong, he trained hard first in the living room, then in front of the house, and he does it great. Dominik has a great amount of energy and thinks that while he sleeps, he misses everything important. He still prefers pasta, currently spaghetti, but quite often he comes up with an idea of a fish or meat with rice. He loves currants and has learned to spit out a cherry pit.